Cabasso Lighting Ltd. is an import and marketing leader of light fixtures

The Company was established in 1973 by Yitzhak Cabasso and in 2010 became a limited (Ltd.) Company.
L. D. Group Ltd. is a subsidiary of Cabasso Lighting, specializing in the import of indoor and outdoor luxury designer light fixtures and European technical lighting.

Cabasso Lighting Ltd. earned its respectable reputation following 40 years of extensive experience in the field, but moreover its good reputation was earned due to its founder, whose strength and uniqueness, whose design abilities and talents, as well as his skills and flair for trade turned into lifework.

The Company’s unique and extravagant showroom (approximately 450 square meters) is located in the Talpiot area of Jerusalem, and displays the Company’s extensive range of lighting fixtures. Each light fixture is approved by the Israeli Standards Institute as well as by the standards set by its local manufacturer.

We import and market directly to the consumer without imposing any mediation costs. Customers can therefore benefit from a wise purchase, based on top quality products for attractive prices.

The Company represents some of the leading companies in the field of lighting from Italy, Spain and Germany, as well as some of the top manufacturers and leading designers.

In addition, customers can enjoy the handcrafted lighting fixtures offered in our store, as well as other unique pieces designed by Israeli designers who craft light fixtures on demand from various raw materials, including glass, porcelain, plaster, metal and more.

Since production is tailored per project, Cabasso Lighting offers all imaginable lighting solutions for the indoors, outdoors, for the office and for commercial projects. A wealth of styles is presented in the most accessible and convenient manner in the Cabasso Lighting showroom. Our skilled staff of professionals is there to serve inquiring customers with each request and question. We offer consulting services in our showroom for lighting design in different spaces, as well as guidance in choosing the optimal lighting solution for the customer’s specific needs.

Service and quality is our goal. We are complete partners in the entire purchasing process, starting with the planning phase, whether based on an architect’s plan or simply on the customer’s demand.

We are continuously in contact with interior designers and architects, who work with us on a regular basis and with whom we jointly develop open and creative thinking. Our service is personal and professional. Our work process is based on a comprehensive design outlook that takes under consideration all aspects of the space, while adhering to honest service that is just, uncompromising and of the highest quality.

Service, consistency and creativity are the key success factors of Cabasso Lighting